Your new baby is perfect in every way. You never expected to be so enamoured by the tiny fingers and the soft cheeks of this new little human being that you brought home from the hospital. You are nervous and excited. You startle at every sound she makes and you are starting to feel the effect of the fitful sleep of the last week. You are seeing changes in your baby every day and they excite and sadden you at the same time. You realise that the clock has started a count down to the day when they will be grown up and moving on to having babies of their own... so in an attempt to hold on to these memorable times you booked a newborn session with Dynamic Photography and are now fretting over the state of your house and your wardrobe.

My first baby threw up all over me the moment the photographer arrived at our house, sending me into my room in a panicked scramble to get into clean clothes! My second baby's newborn shoot contended with a toddler that refused to even look at the photographer, let alone smile. In the meantime we have done countless photography sessions at a myriad of homes and here are a few things we want you to know:

  1. We appreciate your home just the way it is. We know that life with a newborn can be rough and that you are living in your house. It is not a showroom. If we need to move a few things out of the way to tidy up the picture, we are quite ok with it.
  2. We will be asking you to kick off your shoes and to climb om the bed, so dress in clothes that make you feel happy, comfortable and beautiful. The last one is a stretch, we know. Most women struggle with their postpartum bodies and few things in their wardrobe makes them feel like the beauty they are. The truth is, you have a new mom glow to you. The good kind. The kind of happiness that makes you look beautiful because you are happy, not because you are skinny and fit. So pick a top and jeans or a dress that you love and let your smile do the work.
  3. Your family does not have to behave the whole session. Your toddler might not be up for this. That is ok. We will play games and tickle and play until we get a picture or two of the older siblings - and then they can scoot off to whatever they want to do. The real reason for the photos is to capture as much of this baby as possible before he grows up when we blink.
  4. We bring all the props. The swaddles, the baskets, whatever we plan to use to photograph this baby in, will all come with us when we pull in to your house. If you have a specific outfit that you want to use for the baby, you are welcome to bring it of course.
  5. Newborn sessions take anything from 45 minutes to 3 hours, so book enough time out for you. If the baby is sleepy and not crying the whole time, it will be over quickly. If she needs a feed or a change, we will follow her lead and take the time to get her comfortable.
  6. There is no set time when you need to have the newborn session done. Some babies are settled and happy at home by day 5, others are still finding a rhythm by day 20. We usually try to photograph newborns anytime during the first month. The most important emphasis for us is that you all need to be settled and relaxed.
  7. Since we are natural light photographers we will be looking for spots in the house where natural light fall through the window and lights up the room. We gravitate to spaces where light easily flows and where there are big windows.

I love documenting the first few days, the tiny hands, the long lashes, the scale of the baby's foot against mommy's thumb. Those are things that pass so quickly and documenting them will bring smiles to you for years to come.

Until our next adventure!


Charlotte and Lizelle