Maternity 101

You look around the items strewn around your room, and roll your eyes, irritated that you had booked the photo shoot. In the last few months your body had morphed into a new shape, rounding into a tight ball at your waist where your baby is growing. Other areas of your body had changed too. You hips are a little wider, your breasts fuller... nothing fits like it used to and you are loving the new shape and resenting it at the same time. You feel like an elephant. Your feet are swollen and your back is sore. And you are tired.

We hear it all the time from pregnant women: "I don't know if I should book a maternity shoot." Bearing in mind that you will only be in this shape a few times in your life if you are blessed enough to have children, it is something to document and celebrate. It is gift denied to many. Also, you are not as big as you feel. You will look back on these pictures and be surprised to see how your "enormous" belly resembled a soccer ball rather than a hot air balloon. And you will see the look in your husband's eyes of adoration as he smile at your waddling figure. Sure, you might feel silly, but I promise it is worth it.

Here are a few pointers to help you prepare for a maternity shoot:

Long flowy dresses. Wearing something loose and flowy makes beautiful, elegant pictures while it still captures your shape. An infinity dress is a great option! If you book with Dynamic Photography we will provide wraps to make the look more interesting and to add some flair to what you already have.

Darker makeup. I know, you probably hardly wear makeup on a normal day, but having your makeup done a little heavier will create a beautiful look on your photos.

Flowers and crowns. Now is not the time to be conservative. If you like flower crowns or tiaras - go for it! You can get away with a lot of things you wouldn't normally do simply because you are pregnant. Be the queen you are and dress the part.

Hubby gets the neutrals. Beside bribing him with beer and biltong, you will have to pick an outfit for your husband that matches your outfit. He will be purely decoration at this shoot, so stick to neutral colours. A blue plaid shirt with jeans or a light shirt with khaki chinos for him will work great. I can't believe I have to say this, but please make sure he doesn't wear flip flops. You won't believe the stories we can tell...

Flat shoes for mom. You will be moving quite a bit during the shoot and it is important that you are comfortable. It might be the only pair of shoes that still fits but your slippers are not ideal for this shoot. You can, however get away with sandals, pumps or even flip flops if nothing else fits. (I told you you can get away with a lot!) High heels look great but they are not very practical in a field.

have a spare set of clothes for little kids if this is your second or third pregnancy. Toddlers have a way of staining their outfits just before they get out of the car. Having an alternative shirt will greatly reduce your anxiety about the shoot.

Let kids play. We love to capture dad throwing his little girl in the air, or your 2 year old sitting on your bump. We love seeing their eyes light up when we tell them they can run or to pick flowers for mommy. Let them have fun. It makes the best pictures!

Have fun. It is easy to be caught up in the perfect pose that you saw on Pinterest and now want to recreate, but the best photos are the ones where your eyes are laughing and not just your mouth. Having fun and creating a memory of this special time in your life is what will show on your photos - and that is what will make all your friends envious! Happiness is contagious. Just let it shine.

Until our next adventure!


Lizelle and Charlotte